The Next Chapter in Book Videos

Turn a New Leaf

From Page to Screen

As the publishing industry evolves, the way books are marketed
must evolve with it. Online book commercials are becoming ubiquitous
across the industry, but are they reaching their audience? Our mission
is to create digital video that achieves its full marketing potential.
Books are as unique as their readers. That’s why with every
project we take on, the creative process starts from scratch. No
formulas. No standard format. Our animated videos are designed
with the particular needs of the book in mind.

Novel Ideas

Spread the Word

To help us create the best content for your project, we work with
a wide variety of actors, vocal talent, musicians, and other
media professionals. The result? Original, captivating video with animation that will speak to potential readers around the world.
Posting your video on YouTube is just the first step of our marketing
campaign, not the last. Using social media sites–Facebook, Twitter, Digg,
Reddit, and others–as well as targeted reader blogs, QR codes, and more,
we go the extra step in ensuring that your content finds its audience.